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Cloud Backup

Disasters occur in many ways: hard drive failure, virus infection, or computer hackers. Having access to your personal or business data is important in the event of a disaster. Firestone Technical Resources provides consumers and small businesses an affordable and reliable cloud backup solution through their Nebula Data Online Backup service.

You may think you have a backup solution in place, but is your solution good enough to quickly return your business to normal after disaster? If that solution is disk or tape, think again. Outdated solutions are simply that: Outdated. A solution is needed that will keep your business prepared for quick recovery, or low RTO (Recovery Time Objective) in the face of disruption. A proper backup solution is only as good as its recovery.

The Nebula Data Online Backup service has been built on technology identified in PC Magazine Editors' Choice backup solution for 2017 and is the category leader and one of the most established SaaS vendors in the market. It is also utilizes one of the most recommended online backup software applications.

With an easy to install application that runs as often as you want, your data will be protected and accessible whenever and where ever you need it.

Businesses have to consider protecting and recovering data from all devices, especially as the popularity of tablets and smartphones grows. Implement a complete business continuity plan that backs up and restores:

  • Androids
  • iPhones
  • Servers
  • Macs
  • PCs


A backup plan is of no use unless the data is secure at all times. Your data will be encrypted with a unique three-tiered encryption system, and stored in tier three and tier four data centers, all of U.S. military grade security. Your data follows this process:

  • Locally encrypted at 256 bit AES
  • Encrypted in transit during upload
  • Encrypted at rest in the data center

This system enables you to become compliant with government regulations such as HIPAA, Safe Harbor, GLBA, and Sarbanes-Oxley. A few features of the secure data centers include:

  •  Onsite monitoring 24 hours/days, 7 days/week, 365 days/year
  •  Physical security, including biometric identification mechanisms
  •  Redundant cooling and fire suppression systems

The data you protect with Nebula Data Online Backup is kept private and kept safe at all times. Data loss is prevented by encryption and off-site storage, where nobody else can access your data: The ultimate in data security.

Call us today or self register at our Nebula Data Online Backup self-service web site.

Download: Setup-OnlineBackupAndRecovery_v6_8_1_621

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